Hi darlings! It’s been a while!! I need your help. Can you pleaaase go to this page https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151868003363370&set=a.378842628369.160064.102334638369&type=1&theater and simply like this picture.

PRETTY PLEASE! Help this naturalista out! 

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So my pics are on display at one of the tourist spots in shimabara. Lol

I lub my shoees #indiahaul

This student didn’t write a single word on his exam so he got a grumpy cat!

artzfiend: Hi! I fell on your blog randomly and was immediately hooked! lol I have a few questions for you... I too would love to experience japan and teach english but have no idea! where to start... Any pointers!?!

Thanks! Read up as much as you can about Japan. Not just history, read about cultural norms etc. There are a few Teaching English exchange programmes but I think the JET programme is a great way to get here. You can always do one to two years (or more) and then transfer to another programme or a private teaching job.  Keep looking at blogs, ask questions etc. You’ll never be fully prepared for what you’ll experience here but do as much research as you can. There is so much info to share but if you have specific questions I may be able to answer them.